That’s one…

I have informed my friend that she can have one baby, but she has to hold the other one in for a while longer.

(Aren’t the small-boy undies in the upper corner a nice touch? I like to give new mothers a preview of coming attractions.)

Being here now is working out for me for the time being. I’ve decided that until I just can’t stand it anymore, or until I have to prep for teaching in a couple of weeks, I’ll finish up around the house at 8 and spend the evenings knitting. I constantly battle between loving the sense of satisfaction of finishing many things, and hating the feeling of letdown every time a project ends.

It has finally turned very cold here, though there is still no snow. I do away with a little of the Christmas debris every day. My husband likes to keep the tree until Epiphany, so we’re still living with that, against my protests that it’s time to let go, pack up, vacuum, and return to normal. For today, I’m willing to let it go. It’s far too cold to be up in the attic. Oh, Christmas. Too chaotic, too noisy, over far too soon.