Those monogamy advocates have a point.

It’s been a month since I worked on my Gwendolyn, and I finally finished the two things that distracted me from it: the second pair of Phalangees, and a Knotty But Nice hat for my husband. The hat was not imperative, but I was getting paranoid about the two skeins of wool I’d set out to knit it with. They kept disappearing, and I saw moths in my kitchen (which are probably wheat moths, not wool moths, but who likes moths?), and finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and cast on. That took a week, and here we are. 

So I pulled out the pieces for Gwendolyn and tried to figure out where I’d left off. The row I’d written down seemed wrong, and while I counted 2.5 repeats of the large cable, my marked row was for the 4th repeat and not the 3rd. And then I saw it. Cable crossed the wrong way at the end of the second repeat, about ten rows back.

Now, it’s here that I can see it both ways. The startup time to go back to a project I left off a month ago is longer than if I’d just left it last night, and clearly I was not paying attention when I made my final project notes, since I referred to a row combination that didn’t exist. But I wonder how much further I would have gone on before I saw that mis-crossed cable. Or the fact that I’d mis-crossed every cable that came after it because I’d crossed them based on the ones below instead of reading the pattern, as I am wont to do when I’m deep in a project. You can bet I’d be ripping back a lot more than ten rows.

(Sidebar: the Yarn Harlot knitted this same sweater in something like a week three weeks, even so. That just makes me want to sob hysterically. But at least I haven’t burned mine. Yet.)

So, monogamy: has advantages and disadvantages. As I get older, I find it easier to stay on task and finish a whole thing before going on to the next thing. But I’m clearly not fully evolved on this. That’s okay. There’s time for that. I’m willing to be a little distractible still.

I’m not too worried about not finishing this before the weather turns. The way things have been going, I might still need it by Mother’s Day. We had a snow over the weekend and will be getting more tomorrow. Then rain, because if it’s not a mess, it’s not a New England winter.


One thought on “Those monogamy advocates have a point.

  1. I always try to remain on-task when it comes to knitting/weaving/crafting/whatever but I just can’t seem to do it. At the moment I have two almost-finished projects and two half-finished cardigans, so of course what do I do today instead of finishing ANY of these things? I set up my knitting machine.

    Anyway, if you can teach me even 50% of your ability to focus on one project at a time, I will be eternally grateful. In the meantime probably best for me to not click through to that link of the Yarn Harlot’s since I know, from admiring your Gwendolyn, that it’s a cabled masterpiece and I will only feel jealous!

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