The empress has no sweaters…still.

It turned really cold last week and I was scrambling to find a warm but thin sweater to wear teaching. Nothing! I don’t see how this is possible, but I own a Tardis of a cedar chest and everything in it was wrong for this or that reason. Too heavy. Not wool. Moth-eaten (I evidently had an infestation a few years back and didn’t know it, and every now and then, I find the unhappy evidence of it). Too big. Too small. Not dressy enough. I’ve been saying for a year that I’m going to knit myself some perfect sweaters so that this won’t happen to me on chilly Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and so far, no. So I took down a sweater’s worth of wool from the attic and despite myriad other commitments, I swear to you now that I am going to cast on for one today. I also ordered yarn while WEBS was donating a percentage to Hurricane Sandy. I have a lot of yarn, but not a lot of sweater quantities. That must change if I am to make sweaters.

Aside from the early snow, the weather’s improved, and I’ve been trying to clear things out of my WIP pile for the end of the year. I’m not knitting too many Christmas gifts this season, citing personal crisis. Husband wants a sweater from Knits Men Want, but I told him it wouldn’t be ready for Christmas and wouldn’t he rather wait until we can go to Harrisville or Vermont and get him the Shetland he wants for it. He would. I may make him a hat, since he’s started wearing his hair cropped close and has been complaining of cold when it isn’t really that cold outside. The baby will get his blanket, and the six-year-old hasn’t asked for anything, but outgrew the wool socks I made him last year, so perhaps that. The women of my clan will get to choose from some FOs from last year.

I thought about doing NaBloPoMo. Then I forgot about it for a week, and now it seems pointless. That’s the way things have been lately. I hear the growing chorus of “You need to slow down!” Nobody has a lot of solid ideas on how to do that, though.


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