I finished my second Jane sock! I have a pair! Of matching socks! You have no idea what a big thing this is for me. I have started and frogged about a thousand pairs of socks in the last two years. Anything more complicated than a vanilla sock has died on the needles; anything as complicated or less so has been on life support in a project bag while I recover from hellish boredom.

Of course, at 11 PM, it’s still 80 degrees and so humid that I can feel beads of moisture collecting on my skin, so any wearing or photos will have to wait. On days like this, it’s terribly difficult to think ahead to a day cold enough when wearing wool socks would feel amazing. I long to be cold again. Cold and cozy in bed at night. Cold and dry. Coming home to stew or chili, wearing sweaters, only warming up with brisk activity…ahhh.

It is somehow time for me to really, really make up my mind about Ravelympics Ravellenic Games (dammit. Sigh). A single pair of socks in two weeks might be a bit much, especially since I’ve knitted socks all summer. I have some nice JoJoland Melody I could use, or some Zauberball. I also have that yarn for Sanderling, but if socks are too ambitious, a whole sweater is just crazypants. I could knock out some Christmas gifts. I had some things in mind for people and it’d be good if I got them done now, so I could knit those sweaters for myself once the weather cools off. I don’t know.

There are some interesting things in the works for this fall. I don’t want to talk about specifics now, but I might be getting into a thing where I can do some more writing. And my amazing cousin is finally, finally going to start her cooking blog, so that’ll be terrific. This way, I can get cooking advice without having to bug her personally. I’m sure that’s a factor in this decision altogether. More on that when she launches. I had to put off my Codman research from last week because of a household logistical hairball, but I’m working on something else that doesn’t require me to go out to an archive, so I’m hoping I can get that going soon as well. It may be stupid hot, but things here are never dull.


6 thoughts on “Inevitably…

  1. Congratulations on completing a matching pair of socks (vs. a lonely solo), especially in this miserable heat! Sounds like things are brewing on your end. Can’t wait to earn more!

    • I hope the things brewing turn out better than my first shot at finishing the fourth sock for the two pairs. I just cast on for it and realized too late that a) I skipped a step with the first one and should have made a 1″ cuff before starting the pattern stitches; and b) I cast on too few stitches so I had to start over anyhow. It called for 64 and I did 63. Can’t brain tonight. And if I want them both to be alike, I have to repeat the cuff mistake on the second one.

    • I’m still not fully settled on a Ravellenic project! Really wanted to do this, since I wasn’t on the site in 2008, but the time crept up on me. I suppose I shouldn’t try to do more than a pair of socks or mitts. I owe my sister some convertible mittens; that’s probably a good start.

      • What did you end up selecting?

        I hadn’t planned on joining up but now I am considering seeing if I can finish a DK weight shawl…as soon as I finish this Woolsack cushion for the upcoming Paralympics.

        • I think I’m going to make my sister her convertible mittens. I was on the road at the official start time and didn’t bring the new project to work today, so I’m just getting going on them now that I’m home. I think I can knock them out pretty quickly, and if I finish them in the first week, I’m going to do some Wrought Mitts for someone else right after. I have to review on Rav how to register a RG project, though. I’m with Team DFSIYAT with the Ivory Tower Fiber Freaks group.

          I admire your ambition with the shawl! I figure I’m a slow knitter anyhow and even one pair of mittens in two weeks is going to be challenging for me.

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