I’ll take that September now.

The heat has been getting hotter all week, but in such tiny increments that it’s not noticeable by the day. And then I looked at the weekend report. Ugh. I don’t know how the weather always knows when the auto show is, but it is never not miserably hot for the auto show. Historic house museums are not generally where you want to be on a miserably hot day. The air circulation is minimal and the sun beats in through the windows with ferocity. I am grateful that I am not also obligated to wear a heavy wool costume of any kind, and also that I am not hugely pregnant like I was for this event two years ago. On Saturday, at least, we can camp in the office between tours, where we have a room air conditioner. 

It really says something about what the city must have been like in the heat that The Grange is where the Codmans spent the summer months. It was bad enough when I lived there long after the age of horses and public sanitation. 

I’m still knitting; #2 Jane Bennett sock is taking off. After this, I have to work on some sweaters to wear while teaching. I was going to do that last year and never got around to it, and then I had to make Christmas gifts. It always goes like that. Rocky Coast is great, but it’s warm. I need a lighter layer for the fall days when it’s chilly in the morning but too warm at lunchtime. That’s my perennial problem, since I always teach at 8 AM. Walk out of office hours at noonish and get heatstroke on the way back to my car. 

This week, while knitting, I’m re-watching The IT Crowd, which is the bastard love child of Seinfeld and the U.K. version of The Office. If you haven’t seen this, I cannot recommend it more. I’m only sorry I can’t see it again for the first time. The humor’s fairly broad, but it mercilessly lampoons goths, and for that alone is worth a shot. My sister, who recently launched Nerdise On Books, put me on to it. She has excellent taste! Plus, Roy and Moss’s two central questions (1: Did you turn it off and on again? and 2: Are you sure it’s plugged in?) have made me an IT hero at my volunteer gig this summer. It’s pleasant to occasionally be of value in a workplace, you know?

Second recommendation: I’ve been loving the Knitmore Girls’ podcast. I picked up a bunch of new podcasts from the list in the sample issue of Knit Edge, and this is my favorite so far. It’s a mother-daughter duo, and they have a nice energy and their conversations are about a wide range of crafts. I wish they were from my coast! Their events sound terrific, but since they’re in San Jose and I’m in Massachusetts…no. I’m really glad people are still making podcasts, honestly. I have no real need for regular radio, and this way, it’s like I have a radio show about knitting whenever I want to listen to something about knitting. Plus, they give honest book reviews rather than advertorials, and sometimes it seems like everyone’s selling something and nobody is willing to say something isn’t worth buying, so that’s really valuable to me. I take their reviews seriously for that reason.

Next time, I hope to have a second finished Jane sock! Really determined to conquer this, and before the Games-that-shall-not-be-named. 


2 thoughts on “I’ll take that September now.

    • The more I hear of it, the more I like it. It posts frequently, too, which is always a plus when I have a lot of car time.

      Every time I watch The IT Crowd, it’s all over too soon. I get into it, blow through the whole thing, and then they’re gone and I’m sad. I wish we’d get series 5!

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