Reblogging the much more rational thoughts of a friend–I’m still too angry about this whole affair to write it for myself, and besides, she says it very well. When a corporation can restrict free speech by sending C&D letters to a non-monetized social network that lacks the wherewithal to defend itself in court, we are truly under the boot of moneyed interests. Olympic spirit, my ass. This isn’t how you celebrate the efforts of athletes, this is how you kiss up to sponsors. Deeply disappointing. But to denigrate knitters by suggesting that the Ravelympics somehow denigrates athletes? Hypocritical and plain mean. Read the letter for yourself. I’ll be back when this vein in my forehead stops throbbing.


Once upon a time, a little knitting and crochet website called Ravelry ran a fun competition encouraging excellence in the fiber arts to coincide with that worldwide juggernaut of culture, education, and athleticism, the Olympics. Knitters and crocheters and spinners and weavers are all encouraged to park their rears on a comfy couch and tune into the games while crafting away. Advertisements are enjoyed, athletic feats are celebrated, and some good-natured ribbing of the rivals takes place too.

Then, one day, a very large organization sent a letter to the little fiber arts website so as to defend their trademark, which is normal practice. Admirably, it states that “the Olympic Games represent ideals that go beyond sport to encompass culture and education, tolerance and respect, world peace and harmony.” Not shockingly, many knitters support these values too. I mean, we can’t ALL be uncultured criminals hell-bent on war-mongering.

But wait!…

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