I actually had several uninterrupted hours yesterday to knit something Serious, so I decided to once again set myself up for failure with socks. I could do another whole blog called SockFail after the last year. One pair of plain came out well for my older boy, but other than that, I have a legacy of single socks and half-finished first socks. It’s a very good thing we aren’t depending on me. 

Another knitter would decide that socks just aren’t her thing and move on to something else, and to be fair, I have done that a little. I have successfully completed other things. And I have come around on blankets, which someone I know has been kind enough not to point out that I once thought were a complete waste of time. So I don’t know why I keep torturing myself by falling in love with sock patterns, attempting to make them from my considerable stash of sock yarn, and failing. 

New Knitty is up! I got as far as the article on Lion yarns and the middy jumper pattern by Franklin Habit, and then the website informed me that there are too many users, and so I must wait until later. I’m going on with towels and dishcloths, attempting to use up the bag of cotton yarn sitting in my room, being messy. Did I ever tell you that though I am messy, I can’t just surrender to it and be happy? It’s like I subconsciously enjoy the reproach of my messy house. I would adore to live in a house that was in a constant perfect state of cleanliness, especially if I weren’t charged with maintaining it that way. I dream of a house where there is room for things to be used and then put away easily. One half of my family lives like this, and the other half does not. So I’ve grown up with the desire, but not the will. I do need to clean out this place, though. We’re here seven years in September, and we’ve added two kids and a veritable mountain of clothes and gear for them. And it was none too large a place to begin with. Some things have got to go. I think I’m going to go room-to-room with a plastic bin and just focus on decluttering–by completely emptying to the bin, sorting, and putting back only what goes there–one thing at a time. It’s too bad the two-year-old will want to help. He wanted to help me write a blog post today. He does this by slamming the laptop on my hands as I type.


4 thoughts on “SockFail

  1. I have been tempted to save up and purchase a sock knitting machine. They’re kind of expensive but I’d use up my sock yarn stash so fast.

    Of course, the sock machine costs about 3 times as much as my sock yarn stash does, so it’s not exactly a frugal solution…!

    Speaking of socks, did you see the super-cool garter socks in the latest Knitty?

    • I saw a sock machine at NH Sheep & Wool and was sure it was an antique, but the owner told me no, it was new manufacture! He let my six-year-old turn the crank and everything. Then I enquired about the price, and…! I agree they’re really cool, though. Someday, maybe. I love wool socks so much, and they’re so hard to get now.

      Which ones are they? I thought I looked at all the sock patterns in this issue!

        • Oh, duh, I realized too late that you meant garter stitch and not thigh-highs. Yes, I saw those and I’m really interested in making them. They sound like they might actually fit me, too.

          I’m not sure what brand it was, but aside from the apparent newness, it looked every inch like the antiques I’ve seen before, so I bet it was an Erlbacher. It really sang when you turned that crank! I had to warn my son not to turn it the wrong way or the machine would jam. Saw that coming from a mile away!

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