Now throw a knitting conference!

I spent most of the day at the Boston Colonial Embroideries symposium at the MFA (thanks to Thistle Threads for publicizing the event, which was such a treat), and was one of at least three knitters in the audience. I wonder if we’d all embroider at a knitting symposium…? Probably not. It’s hard to do in the dark. One woman stopped me at lunch and said she was jealous I brought my knitting in, because they made her check her knitting bag. Apparently you’re only supposed to have one bag in the museum, which I never knew, but I guess I never tried to bring in more than one.

It was a perfect day to be out in the city. The garden was open for al fresco lunch in the courtyard, and the Charles only lacked boats to make it as gorgeous as I’ve ever seen it. On my way home, I stopped by the Harvard Coop to pick up my graduation regalia, and I know it would be too much to ask that the weather be like this next week. Isn’t that always the way? The weather is always wrong for graduation. Too hot, too cold, raining… I checked, and I will absolutely be able to hide knitting in the long sleeves of my gown. I don’t know why I never thought of that before, but it definitely takes some of the tedium out of a full day of speakers and ceremony. I actually do like commencements, but these exercises are going to be lengthy.

I’ve been knitting like I can stave off the hot weather by sheer force of will. My cousin’s baby blanket is over half done, and I did most of a hanging towel today. I don’t know what’s coming next, but I only have to have about a million more weeks like this one, and the bags of yarn in my room will be totally gone, so…that’s the plan. I think I’m going to turn my leftover wool into blankets. I used to think that knitting blankets was rather ridiculous, but lately they just look so amazingly comfortable.


2 thoughts on “Now throw a knitting conference!

    • I got it from the ITFF people! Apparently it’s more commonly done than I would have thought. And thanks! It was a great program; I’m sorry to be done with it.

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