Mars Needs Knitters!

…It gets really cold there, I hear.

Big changes are in the offing in my life. I can’t really talk about any of them, but change freaks me out, so I’m trying to cope with that by knitting. Rocky Coast is done! And the weather’s turned so chilly and gloomy that I’ve had more occasion to wear it than I thought I would, given what a warm winter and early spring we had. Few have noticed it, though, so either they thought I always had it or it looks terrible and nobody wants to tell me. Isn’t it funny; I normally don’t like my clothes to be that noticeable, but when I finish something I made and wear it, it’s almost painful to be out in it and not yell, “ASK ME ABOUT MY SWEATER BECAUSE I MADE IT WITH THESE MEATY PAWS OF MINE!!” Maybe that’s why I give away so much of what I knit. Hrm.

Speaking of, I have started a blanket for my adorably pregnant cousin, who is having #2 sometime in July. For a change, I’m not just late; it felt like bad luck to start sooner. But this baby is really coming. Bursting out the front, if necessary, from the looks of things. It’ll be like Alien. She’s getting a Go Baby Go from a kit I purchased long enough ago that I thought I was making it for my now-toddler. Twelve feet of i-cord, and people tell me an EZ-Knitter is no good on worsted weight. I may not have thought this through.

I also have to eat my words re: summer knitting. I really was going to stick to this, but the bag of cotton/CotLin/Louet Euroflax in my bedroom is glaring at me. And then the summer Twist Collective came out, and there was Sanderling and I started thinking about how nice it would be for work this summer, and…

…now I’m committed. As I probably should be. I was sucked in by the fact that this yarn is made from recycled denim and gets softer as you machine wash it. That’s a concept I can definitely get behind.

Cabinet of Curiosities started yesterday! I’ve spent most of my free time today reading the first month’s materials. She’s planning on running an encore if you fall in love and decide to become a giant nerd about it. God knows I crossed that line years ago. It’s well worth it. Her research is impeccable and she’s truly assembled the most comprehensive information available. A few years ago, I wrote a class paper about Tudor-Stuart-era domestic embroidery as artistic expression, and there is so much new information here for me. If you do get into it, see if you can get your hands on a copy of the exhibit catalogue from “Twixt Art and Nature.” It was at the Met in 2009 or so, and the book is amazing, with tons of pictures and really informative essays. Now I want to pull it off my shelf and spend several more days reading it again.


4 thoughts on “Mars Needs Knitters!

  1. I just got some recycled yarn in too, it’s Rowan Purelife Revive, with cotton, silk, and (le gasp!) viscose. I know, I know, but it feels so divine.

    I have one of those crank-turn easy knitter icord thingamabobs, and I don’t think the hooks are large enough for worsted-weight yarn. However, since I can’t imagine willingly hand-knitting that much icord, here’s some hope: you could use a coordinating sport or light-dk weight to make it on the crank thingy. The cord I made with fingering weight is about the width of a pinky finger (adult female, i,e, mine), as there are a bunch of hooks, if that helps. I got mine for like $15 at a craft store.

    (Or, just braid the cord thingy, might look kind of nautical if you do the blanket in blue and white!)

    • (Should be i.e., this is what I get for commenting on my terrible work laptop!)

      Oh and as for the sweater, I think maybe people might not notice the sweater because doesn’t conform to stereotypes of handknits. Before she got her Christmas hat, my sister used to think handknitting and such were kind of dorky, but then I showed her some stylish hat patterns, knitted up the one we liked best, and she now tells everyone what a great (…lol!) knitter I am. Now all her future in-laws probably think I am some Martha clone or something. Oh well.

    • I have no issue with viscose! It does good things. That yarn is heavenly. What are you going to do with it?

      I think you have the ticket–it really is too much to do by hand, and I’ll probably find some sport cotton to crank. I have to do the applied cord on the edge anyhow; that’ll be enough!

      • It’s more that I always gravitate toward wool, so admitting to liking viscose seems embarrassing or something. I do love wool though still!

        I’ve not really seen a whole lot of sport-weight cotton, but maybe Knitpicks has some? Good luck with the applied i-cord too!

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