This is not my season.

It’s turned chilly again here after that one glorious week, and as a human being, that’s disappointing, but as a knitter, it works for me. I’m on the second sleeve of Rocky Coast, and about halfway up the Hudson’s Bay blanket, and if I can get going, there’s a chance I might actually be able to wear the cardigan before summer sets in. I’m really looking forward to it. My blue Shetland is getting a lot of face time this spring, and it’s a great sweater, but I’ll be able to wear the RCC over short sleeves without making my arms itchy, so that’ll be amazing.

I don’t think my husband is going to let the baby have the Hudson’s Bay blanket. I brought it to the hospital to show him, and he rubbed it all over his face and didn’t want to give it back to me. He’s complaining he’s cold and wanted me to hurry and finish the blanket so he could have it there, but it’s very likely he’ll be home before it’s done, so I brought him something else. The current word is that he’ll be out of inpatient rehab in a couple of weeks. He tells me that the OTs make him wash tables and sort laundry. I asked him if he told them he didn’t know how to do those things before the stroke.

The new spring yarns do not excite me at all. I wonder if yarn stores in this part of the country have an ongoing issue with unsalable spring yarns. I really only buy cotton and linen for towels…and not in the new colors a certain company is providing this season. It’s entirely possible I just can’t handle even a sliver more stimulation in my life, but most multicolored yarns give me a headache a little. That isn’t going to be happening here.


5 thoughts on “This is not my season.

  1. Which new yarns don’t you like? I admit I tend to lean towards wool, but I quite like Rowan Panama and their organic cotton. The latter doesn’t pill/shed too much, which some cotton yarns tend to do. I’m going to knit some of my Rowan organic cotton into the Inversion Cardigan from BT’s Spring Thaw patterns, yay for stashbusting.

    Can’t wait to see your Rocky Coast cardigan!

    • It just dawned on me that I could tab over to Ravelry and check out your project page! That yarn looks really lush. I’ve never worked with silk, do you like it blended with alpaca and wool?

      • It’s great so far, but I worry about pilling with a single for a cardigan. I can see why she chose it. It’s super-soft and in fact not pilling as I knit it, which is good. The cables don’t need hard definition anyhow. I hope it turns out sturdy. The silk ought to be good for that. I’ve knitted with all silk before, and it has some of the drawbacks of cotton–no stretch or bounce, doesn’t hold its shape. Plus it’s very slippery. No problems with those things here.

    • It’s the new colors of Dishie at KP that were a real turnoff. I actually like the yarn, but I don’t think the multicolors added much. The combinations seem so random! One tough thing about the KP podcast is that the staff is always so excited about the new colors, and then I see them in the catalog like…really?

      It’s rare I see a summer sweater that I like. They always look so hot. I admit I hate summer, though. Five minutes in, I’m done; where’s fall. I’m that person who, when we have an unseasonably cool summer, is perfectly happy.

      • I’ll definitely check out that singles yarn then, I’ve only ever worked with one yarn with silk in it (Rowan Summer Tweed), and it was a swatch for a sweater I, um, still haven’t knit. Ahem. I think it does look great in the book Coastal Knits, a copy of which I should get at some point, the sweaters in there are so pretty.

        As for the knitpicks colors, I guess it is sort of a matter of taste. Or they just don’t like any other colors better maybe?

        (I am also an anti-summer person. Cotton and linen are nice, but I’m happiest in WOOL! Ok, maybe some alpaca too, that can stay, haha)

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