Cures what ails you (unless it’s a peanut allergy)

I had been on the fence about posting any more recipes because a) this isn’t a food blog because b) I’m really not that creative a cook. However, I have this one simple little concoction that I know will strike a chord with someone, and I felt I would be remiss not to share it.

Crisis Toast

2 slices Wonder Texas Toast

Peanut butter in style and quantity of choice

Toast bread to medium golden brown. Remove from toaster while warm. Spread with peanut butter. Eat for dinner from paper plate so as not to have to deal with dishes.

I know Wonder Bread is not nutritional, and I suppose peanut butter isn’t either, but at this point I don’t care because they make me not hungry and I don’t have to think that hard about them. We’re unexpectedly embroiled in a bit of a situation at my house, and I’ve spent most of the last two weeks at the hospital with my husband. The last thing I feel like doing when I get home is cooking or cleaning up. Usually I deal with the boys and then stumble off to bed.

My poor husband. He had hardly any sleep for the first six days, when he was in the ICU, and then he was switched to a regular room with an extremely noisy frequent-flier roommate who treated it more like a hotel room than a hospital. Now he’s at the acute-care rehab and finally getting more sleep and regular meals, and he’s much more himself, but I miss him and he misses me. He had a minor stroke after a routine surgery, and has temporarily lost the use of his left arm and leg. He is improving rapidly, though.

When I said I wanted more time to knit, this is not what I had in mind. I also once said I wished my life were more interesting, and I unexpectedly got pregnant shortly after that. Take heed. The fates hear everything.


2 thoughts on “Cures what ails you (unless it’s a peanut allergy)

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m glad that your husband is resting well and will soon be feeling better. Thinking good thoughts for you and your family!

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