We’ve only had about three days of winter this year, and this is one. It’s been coming down for over 24 hours, and though melting up from the bottom on the warm ground, is still accumulating at a good clip. Everything was cancelled today, and there has been either an army of small boys in my living room or a revolving door of small boys playing outside until they get too cold and wet and coming in to want hot chocolate that they then don’t drink. I am informed that homemade marshmallows are not good on hot chocolate. How can this be my kid?!

It would be a nearly perfect day if it weren’t for our all having colds, particularly the baby, who is irritable at being tired and snurfly, and not sure why I want so much to clean his poor, crusty face. We are also, naturally, clean out of tissues. Yes, it’s glamorous here. This is the kind of night that calls for some sort of casserole. Haven’t yet decided what it will be. Lasagna, maybe. I bought some ricotta last time I was at the store. I have a terrific no-boil lasagna recipe that I have been saving for my cousin’s cooking blog; perhaps if she doesn’t get going with that, I’ll make it and post here. It’s a good dish for the dinner arsenal, and is nearly endlessly adaptable–can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

My sister vacationing in Hawaii is missing this, but it’s hard to feel too sorry for her.

Knitting is going well, but I’m at the black hole stage of both projects. Rocky Coast is down to the hem ribbing, and Hudson Bay is on the third stripe. All the blogs and websites are showing spring knitting already, and I’m not ready! The new WEBS catalogue came yesterday, but I can’t think about linen and cotton. I have some plans for more household items in cotton, and I have the yarn lined up, but I want to press on with wool things that might be too hot to have in the lap once the weather breaks. I finished my Absorba bath mat this week, though, and it’s terrifically comfortable on the feet. Perhaps a little small. I could have gone around once more, but I was getting sick of it and figured it may stretch after some uses, as garter stitch so often does. I don’t really enjoy knitting with cotton, either. It’s held me back from starting more Log Cabin blankets, at least in the way the MDK patterns intended–they’re all done in cotton, and the idea of that makes my hands ache. I have a lot of wool that I could use for blankets, and I just may, but not until next fall.

Mmmm, lasagna….I’m really liking the sound of that today.


4 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Lasagna sounds great! I think you should post the recipe here.

    As for spring knitting…bwahahahahahahahah, yeah right. I am so not ready.

    (Also, I never really got the appeal of hot chocolate, and I love chocolate, but the homemade marshmallows? I’d be really pleased if you shared that recipe too!)

  2. Maybe I will! I’m not really a good enough cook to have a cooking blog, but there are a couple of things I make well. I can do a step-by-step for the marshmallows.

    I have a hard time with hot chocolate too. I made it from scratch according to directions yesterday, with cocoa, but it still didn’t have a good chocolate flavor. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but my favorite is…Dunkin Donuts. I’m not a coffee drinker, so when I want a hot drink, that’s it.

    • Yes! It’s the fact that hot cocoa doesn’t taste like chocolate. This same problem applies to Oreos too, and chocolate milk. (Feel free to label me a freak!)

      I look forward to your recipes 🙂

      • Exactly! I like Oreos, but not chocolate milk. Ew.

        I’ve been enjoying your cooking blog! I think you’ll find my recipes pedestrian, but I’m glad you want to see them anyhow.

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