I’ve been in a knitting slump ever since I finished the BSJs. It’s not that I don’t have anything to do, and not that I don’t feel like knitting. I just seem to think about knitting and then reject the possible projects one by one on the basis of not having the mental energy to deal with them. For example, I got some Shibui Sock to attempt the Absinthe socks again (first try in another yarn came out too small), and I looked at the pattern and at the unfinished too-small sock, and thought about whether I could realistically make them to fit me at all, and what could I do to make that happen, and then…mneh. After that, I took up the lanternfish amigurumi, which needed to have its belly grafted. Did that while I saw Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight, then looked at the next direction: pick up for the lips. Pick up? Mneh. Futzed around on Rav for a while until the movie was over (what’s up with the sudden shift in tone at the end? I love Dame May Whitty, but that was weird). Decided that “mneh” is meant to be halfway between “meh” (don’t care) and “nah” (not going to do it). I care, but I’m feeling lazy.

In a final, heroic, last-ditch effort to get knitting something, I wound up a ball of Cascade 220 and cast on for a Hudson Bay crib blanket for the baby. Then I happily garter-stitched on it for over an hour, and am feeling better about things. I’m having trouble relaxing lately. I will, for example, now spend the next hour trying to fall asleep, and once I do, being tense and unhappy until it’s time to get up, which I also will not want to do. At least it’s my weekend. I’m going to relax if it kills me!


2 thoughts on “Mneh.

  1. I know exactly what you mean…I have all this yarn, and all these easy projects to do. But I’m too lazy to get out the ballwinder and swift and just take the time to ball the skeins up. And then look for the needles/hook? Hahahahaha, yeah right.

    I think that blanket though is going to be gorgeous. Garter stitch is the best for blankets, I think. So squooshy and pretty.

    • It’s already so squooshy that I keep taking little breaks to squoosh it! It’s nice not to have to worry too much about gauge. I used the recommended needle size, but am trying to relax while I knit it (I’m usually knitting too tightly). It turned cold again, at least in the house, so I’m really looking forward to putting this on his chilly little body! I’ll probably end up fishing it out from behind the crib most of the time, though. His policy is: when in doubt, toss everything.

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