Marching brooms, pls.

I finished the second BSJ the day after the twins were born (Congratulations, family! Send me pictures of squishy babies in sweaters! Uh…you know…after I send you the sweaters…!), and since then–five days now–the two sweaters have been folded neatly on my nightstand, right on top of a historiography book I have been meaning to read for nearly a year. They need buttons. I think about putting on buttons, decide it sounds boring, do something more interesting, and then wonder why they still need buttons.

To make matters worse, I have taken up an even more boring project, plain socks for my boys, that has languished for months because a) boring; and b) the one I finished for the baby turned out to be too small already. Sheesh, kid. No gratitude. So my plan now is to finish the bigger pair for the baby and do an even bigger pair for my big boy. I don’t know why they weren’t done when I took them out of the project bag. It seems like they should have been, since I spent so much time thinking about how boring they were to work on.

It’s nice to have boys, though, isn’t it? You can foist the ugliest yarn on them and they think it’s awesome.

Unrelated: these convertible gloves, which I did not knit, are made to fit no human hands. Honestly, I have some pretty meaty paws for a woman, and I don’t recall that I ordered these in a “large.” They led indirectly to my getting back into knitting. So disappointing. Maybe not if you look like Orlok, but for the rest of us? Who could wear these? I put them on out of desperation this morning when I got into my car, and it was a mistake. Plus, they aren’t even made of wool, so the simplest winter tasks turn them horrid and waterlogged in no time. I am ashamed to have bought them.

I’m so mad at myself for having the same goal for a year (knit myself some nice sweaters to wear to work) and now it’s cold and I have to go back to teaching and I have zero (0) new sweaters to wear. I wasn’t even thinking they were boring! Maybe that’s the problem. They surely would have gotten done.


4 thoughts on “Marching brooms, pls.

  1. I’m not so sure the ugly yarn thing is a boy thing, I distinctly recall being gifted some hideous yarn to knit and crochet with as a kid and I thought it was AMAZING!

    Now of course I am trying to offload the rest of it, and nobody wants it. I’m thinking it might go to the elementary school at the end of the street; the kids can mangle it to their hearts’ content in art class.

    Are you planning on knitting some mitts out of wool for yourself? I keep meaning to, I should really get going on some before it’s spring. Kind of like how my sweaters are unmade, adrift in the sea of good intentions, apparently with yours too…

    • I bet the elementary school will love it. Art teachers spend a lot on supplies, an art teacher friend reports. Day cares, too, if you know of any. To be honest, I have only myself to blame for that sock yarn. I picked it myself…before I had any kids! And you should see what else is lurking in my attic.

      I was planning on knitting some mitts, but decided on Sunday that it would be more expedient to fix the thermostat upstairs. It had been broken since a lightning strike last June, so we had no heat in the bedrooms. And I was pretty okay with that because it was so warm, but it turned single-digit cold all of a sudden, and I was freezing in my bedroom, trying to knit. I actually have some really nice yarn put aside for it. Then I went and promised some to my sister. And I owe some to another friend from last winter. The cobbler’s children go barefoot, eh?

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