Remember when 21 days was a long time to wait?

I have gotten more done this week than I would have thought possible, and yet Christmas still bears down on me like a Mack truck. Three weeks from tomorrow, I have to have a whole bunch of gifts squared away, and frankly, I don’t see it happening.

Am I ever glad all of those tentacles are done. Why couldn't my son have fallen in love with the earthworm?

Plus, a dear friend is having twins soon–as long from now as possible, here’s hoping–and that means two babies and two gifts. Four if I’m feeling ambitious and make hats too, which is in the plan. But hats are a blowoff. For the rest, I’m making BSJs, my first and second, and in a burst of dedication, I have done half of one in three days, most of that today. I’m really liking the yarn for this. It’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in a now-discontinued green that I bought four skeins of and then promptly forgot what I intended to do with it. I suspect I won’t have enough for hats, and so ordered a complementary shade from WEBS, only to have them email me that it’s backordered. Might have to call it and take a different approach. Maybe Junie Caps with the remaining green as trim. Waste not, etc., as long as it’s okay I kept the yarn in my attic for five years first.

It’s a lovely evening, though. Finally cold enough to really enjoy the warmth of wool, it’s quiet at my house, and I’ve broken out the gingerbread candle in a gesture of wild abandon. Yankee Candle kept sending me buy-2-get-2 deals for the large jars, and I gave in because that’s a good price, but it did make me pause and think, holy cats, man, what’s your profit margin on these things?! At any rate, I snapped up a Gingerbread before they sold out, and it is currently making my room smell delicious. I really do love Christmas. We’ll get a tree in a week or ten days. My husband has rules about that kind of thing, and I’d protest, but the less time I have to spend keeping the baby from toppling and/or eating it, the better.

Two good hours until I really must go to bed. I’ve knitted since I got home from work, but I can still do some more. Perhaps that one sock could use a little love.


One thought on “Remember when 21 days was a long time to wait?

  1. 21 days?! Yikes. I promised my aunt a sweater for Christmas, but fortunately we’ll be visiting her AFTER the big day, and even more importantly for several days and after a long car ride.

    As for the knitted toys problem: go with a snake! My mom’s friend crocheted my sister and me snakes (it must’ve been very long ago, I can’t remember not having my crocheted snake), and she fancied them up by striping them. Round and round and round, with Red Heart 🙂

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