Christmas Countdown: 45…wait, no…40…Days

I’ve gone and done it again: overcommitted myself to knitting for the Christmas season.

Cabled Snapdragon for someone!

The problem is that it worked out pretty well for me last year, and I had a newborn and a thesis to work on. So with one in school and one sleeping through the night, and the thesis off to my department for what I hope is the last round, I thought, I should be able to accomplish even more this year.

Slip-stitch something for a family memeber

In fact, I thought, still obviously in the grip of some delirium, I should be able to make just about everything for everyone, which will be much cheaper than shopping, and also more personal!

Note to self: do not leave amigurumi book lying around where kids can find it.

Mess o'kraken tentacles, which will become a toy for my older son. Probably remarkably true to life in this phase of construction.

I need to go and listen again to that Radiolab about thinking things through all the way to the end.

Still haven't decided the fate of these yet.

(I positively adore Radiolab. My sister tried to get me into it for ages and I blew it off, and she was completely right. I should listen to her. So should you. You can download them from iTunes for free, or from

And the delusion here is not only that I can make that many things in time for Christmas, but that it will be cheaper to do so than shopping would be. I can hear the echoing guffaws and snorks of knitters everywhere, including those who own my local yarn emporia. They know me.

The real kicker is that I started this post in advance of the 45th knitting day before Christmas, hoping to post it on the 10th. Naturally…