Come back, autumn!

Just a quick update to say that I’ve been making good progress on the Lia sweater, but had to quit working on it until the weather cooled off. It was really going great during that first mid-month cool snap, but then it got hot and humid again, and the sweater had grown to the point that it was too hot to have it on my lap while I knitted. I switched back to mittens and socks in the hope that the cool weather would return…and that was almost two weeks ago. Sigh. I admit it: I’m not committed enough to be a four-season knitter. I like to knit, I do knit in the summer, but I definitely flag when the weather gets hot. And because I’m a wimp, that tends to mean anything more than about 75F in the house.

Still on my agenda is work in the Historic New England archives on the Codman family knitting activities and papers. My plan is to go on October 27 and combine it with a gallery talk for the third embroidery exhibit installment at the MFA that is scheduled for that day. I may have made a connection to give a talk on the Codman research, and heard another rumor of some WWI-related research on other families whose houses are part of our organization. I may be able to turn this into something! More as things develop. I’m still finishing the last of my edits on my thesis, and that’s been taking up my free time when I’m not teaching or pinch-hitting as secretary/IT support for my husband’s budding law firm. One more computer problem solved or office supply order placed and that job is going on my CV, I swear it. I’d planned to knit a lot of Christmas gifts, and that time is going to have to come from somewhere.

One thing I’m really looking forward to is the With Cunning Needle conference at Winterthur in a few weeks. I registered last spring, and since I rarely get to go to these things (or stay in hotels by myself while someone else cleans up after me), I’m excited all out of proportion to the event. I’m even looking forward to the seven-hour drive. I’ll be able to listen to books and podcasts while nobody pukes in the backseat. Yes, I’ve reached a sad stage in life where that is something that I must happily anticipate, rather than take for granted.

One good thing about the weather lately:

I haven't seen one like that since Grand Canyon in 2006.


One thought on “Come back, autumn!

  1. Glad to hear your research is going well! The conference sounds really fascinating, I hope you’ll post about it.

    I too am working as an admin for now (well, an admin. assistant intern, even lowlier!), and it’s cutting into my crafting time. Storing office supplies is the bane of my existence right now, I feel your pain 🙂

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