I’m so frustrated. I’ve been wanting to make a Lia sweater for the past year, ever since it was published in Knitty. But I took the yarn and needles out the other night, when I finally had a chance to work on it and it also wasn’t 110 out, and right out of the gate I’m stuck on the cast-on.

I watched that video about forty times. I don’t even make a slipknot like she does! My hands feel like meat tenderizers. I really could have used a win today, too. Now I’m browsing for other sweater patterns that don’t make me hate everybody.


2 thoughts on “Stymied

  1. She says in the comments on Ravelry that a loose long tail cast on will work fine 🙂 Go forth and knit with no hate!

    I’d also maybe try twisted german loosely. It’s slightly stretchier than long tail, so it might get you even closer to the funky cast on.

    • I knew there had to be something! Honestly, I really wanted to get into that sweater and I was just so frustrated that I couldn’t master even the cast-on with practice. Just goes to show that I shouldn’t turn to a new project at the end of a bad day.

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