Is it fall yet?

…Daria really holds up, though it’s definitely of another era. This is always the time of year when I like to revisit the series, while I wait for that first whiff of autumn in the evening air.

Over the weekend, I attended a lecture about Portsmouth needlework samplers at the John Paul Jones house in Portsmouth, NH, and while I was there, I decided to finally see the Penhallow bedspread in person. The tour of Warner House was lovely, and the Penhallow bedroom was definitely the best room in the house.

I also managed to squeeze in a quick visit to the Yarn Basket in search of something local for my swap partner. Time is running out on that–I really have to find the required disciplinary items. Part of the parameters of the swap involve items representative of your own and your swappee’s academic disciplines (we’re all in academia). I think I found something good for hers, but my own is leaving me stumped. I don’t want to get her a Jane Austen thing if she’s not a Janeite, and finding something that represents either literature or museum studies as a whole is surprisingly difficult. I do have some yarn I could give her. I might go that way.

I’m just finishing up my Via Diagonale now, on the last pattern repeat, and the new Twist Collective was up yesterday. So many great sweaters! I should take the opportunity to use up some of my stash on at least one of those–I could use something new to wear teaching. Last winter, I was so bored with all of my sweaters. The two I made myself, years ago, are so heavy that they’re too hot for all but the very coldest days of the year. I need to experiment with something a little more DK-weight. I loved Eadon:

and Twinings:


Who else is dreaming of a bright, crisp, colorful fall season?


4 thoughts on “Is it fall yet?

  1. ME!! I am so over summer. I feel like most of the clothes I own are for fall/winter/spring, and I’m bored of them. Not that surprising when I lived in Michigan for a while.

    You aren’t going to knit Academia from Twist Collective for your swap partner? (Kidding!)

    • Ha! That would be right on point! No, I already knitted her something else. I’m pretty sure my package will rate mid-low on the amazingness scale, but I like what I made her, and I hope she does too.

  2. How many projects do you work on simultaneously? Always seems like you’re stitching or knitting something interesting. Pretty damn impressive, especially since I am the most UN-crafty person I know.

    BTW, love the sleeves on the brown cardigan!

    • It was the sleeves that really sold me on it, too. I haven’t looked at the cable pattern yet, but I’m interested to see how it works.

      I have two projects active at the moment (the bag and the Absinthe socks), but the bag is nearly done. I worked today on turning the heel of the first sock, but I’m worried it’ll be too small again! I have just about had it with making socks for myself. I was sure these would fit.

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