Cold feet

I’m so excited–my dear friend Karen has begun writing for her blog again. She is the talented cook behind Squeaky Peanut, and her first new entry has a delicious-sounding Pink Grapefruit Sorbet, the perfect dessert for the late miserable weather. I don’t know whether she’s going to pick another cookbook project, but she spent all of 2010 cooking the Martha Stewart Dinner At Home cookbook, and if I never have to vicariously partake of another miserable weird salad, it’ll be too soon. But hey, at least I didn’t have to eat them!

In other news, Skew is going…poorly, at least if I plan to wear them. I’d been trying them on, but once I got past the heel, I couldn’t get it up over the ankle. I figure I can save them for someone with smaller feet, or frog the one partially completed sock and work on something else. That’s disappointing. It’s not that I feel I have soooo much work into them, but I’ve had a hard time making socks that fit me, and these were looking good for that. Plus, I wanted to finish something for myself, and these were looking good for that too. There’s going to be a KAL for people on the Ivory Tower board in a month or so, and that’s for a cardigan, so that’s something. I haven’t been ambitious about a sweater in a while, though. Maybe if the weather turns warm again, I won’t be disappointed about the idea of frogging a sock. My feet have been cold this evening–what a pleasant problem to have after this past week!


2 thoughts on “Cold feet

  1. I usually like Martha Stewart’s recipes. My favorite lasagne is a Martha Stewart Living recipe that I modified a bit. I read through some of your friend’s blog and it looks really funny, so thanks for the recommendation.

    I still haven’t started any socks. I have sock yarn, sure, but admittedly no real urge to knit a pair yet. I think I am waiting on the perfect pattern to inspire me…

    Maybe set aside this pair and get going on planning a cardigan! I think the onset of cooler weather and having KALers to cheer you on will get you going again. What patterns are you thinking of?

    • I always liked MS too, but this cookbook was really for the birds. I think the time constraint worked against her–in theory, they were all one-hour meals, or something to that effect. I remember bitter salad after bitter salad; it was brutal.

      I have so much sock yarn, which is what’s making this setback so frustrating! I was hoping to churn out a pair or two before cold weather comes. Now, I think I’ll go back to Via Diagonale for a while and get that finished up well in advance of the holidays, while I troll for another pattern that will work better with my (apparently) giant feet). The KAL pattern was established as the Azalea cardigan, but a lot of people are going with something else.

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