It won’t be too hot for socks forever.

I finished the swap gift from last week and cast on some Skew socks, just to see if I could really make them work. I suspect a lot of people have tackled these on that basis! So far, they’re easy, but interesting enough that I’m surprised how quickly they’re working up. I’m using Knit Picks Stroll Multi in Tuscany, from the Campfire sock sampler. That was a good idea–I’m glad they started making those sock samplers. They were polling about it on Ravelry a while back, if I recall. It’s a little price break, you get enough for three pairs of socks, and the colors are basically coordinated so you can mix and match if you want.

Really just showing my pretty yarn bowl.

Skew is making this yarn flash a little, which I don’t care for. I feel like I ought to be whimsical enough to find it interesting, but I’m more forcing myself to be chill about it and not rip it all out. Who sees my socks? Still I was hoping for a more stripey pattern like the ones in the pattern, rather than what’s amounting to a vague Freddy Krueger-meets-tabby cat effect. I’ll have to try this method with a more aggressively striping yarn, like other people have done. Also, slightly bigger needles. I can put on the sock in progress, but the fabric feels a little stiff. When will I learn to compensate automatically for my tendency to knit tightly? And then it seems like when I do, I overcorrect and things are baggy. Seems like I’d never knit anything if I fussed over gauge as much as it takes to get it just right.

Last Knitter Standing week 2 was terrific–and I won! Really surprised by that; I had good luck. But there’s an advantage to being back for a second week, since there are only so many cards and I remembered some of the questions from last week. There were only ten participants this time. I hope it’s because people went on vacation or something and not because they lost interest. It’s great fun, and the people are lovely. And this time, I remembered to bring my real knitting to work on between turns. Solved that idle hands problem right up.

On my way out, I was admiring some qiviut-blend sock yarn because one of the other knitters said it was like knitting with butter. I’m sure it is, but…$86/skein. And that for a blend. The more outrageous merino sock yarns now are going for about $30, so. Yeah. I didn’t buy it.


2 thoughts on “It won’t be too hot for socks forever.

  1. I quite like the tabby cat look!

    As for the socks’ fit, maybe they’ll sort of stretch a bit on wear? Also, I’ve heard that knitting socks at a tight gauge is good as it helps reduce pilling 🙂

    • I hope these turn out just right! I’m going to switch to the 2.5 mm needles at then ankle, as someone else on Rav said she did. I found some old yarn in my stash for the next pair–if these are unwearable for me, my sister with the smaller feet will probably like them.

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