The hardest part is not knitting!

Went to game night at The Woolpack in Acton last night (site’s down temporarily) for week 1 of Last Knitter Standing, and it was such fun. This is a trivia and challenge game where you start out by casting on 10 stitches and knitting two rows, and you get to knit more or have to rip out some by answering knitting questions correctly or meeting challenges like timed knitting, word scrambles, or direct competition with other knitters at your table. Seventeen knitters at three tables played in the tournament last night.

The questions range from laughably easy to ridiculously hard, especially if you have not (gasp, blasphemy!) read any Harry Potter books, but they mostly deal with common abbreviations used in knitting and assorted facts about different types of knitting (kitchener stitch, Orenburg lace, etc). Since we were all getting to know the game and the kinds of challenges, it was hard to strategize at first, but in coming weeks, I expect the competition will heat up a lot.

The really difficult part of it all is sitting all evening with knitting on your lap and not knitting it! We were all remarking on how difficult it was to keep our hands still as we played the game and chatted between turns.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on a swap gift for someone I doubt is a reader, but just in case, have kept the final product off of my Rav project page. Photo above is teaser! Small cotton items are all I want to work on a day with a predicted high of 93 and humid. Yuck. This is my least favorite kind of weather. Come back, autumn! This year, I won’t sleep through it all!


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