Knitting time

This was when I was supposed to have more knitting time, right? The thesis is in, after some technical snafus and an additional day of panic, and the rest of the week has been somehow consumed in catching up on rest and trying to put the house back in some semblance of order after a couple of weeks of thesis-related neglect (coupled with my usual apathy). Plus, we’ve had some bad news that has greatly impeded my winding-down process. Nobody’s sick or dying, thank goodness, but we’ve suffered the kind of setback that reminds me why a person has a knitting stash (and an embroidery stash, and a huge stack of books to be read, and…). Plus, the weather has been too wet to play outside, so finding ways to occupy my older son has been a challenge, which is a nice way to say that he’s been clinging to me like a vine and I’m about to lose it. At the moment, he has a friend over and they are broken on 11 and watching horrific TV shows. People warn you about a lot of things when you have children, but not once did anyone tell me that they would someday want to have friends over. That’s news to make anyone want to rethink the whole enterprise of childrearing.

One good thing about the late summer is that I don’t feel too hot to knit, so I can go on with my socks and think about fall projects without wanting to faint at the very thought of ever wearing sweaters again. We’ve been running about 60F and raining for the last three days. I think my perennials on the back porch are drowned, and I miss my lounge chair. It was a good run, that week or so in May when I could use it.

I’ve been thinking about an article for Piecework’s historical knitting issue for next January. The deadline is August 1, so I have to find time to go back to the Historic New England archives before then, but I really want to work on this. It’s come out of my research on the Codman family for my thesis. I don’t know whether there are patterns, but at least two family members have “knitting papers” listed in the archive. I hope it goes somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Knitting time

  1. Nicole – I don’t know how you find the time and energy to do half of the things you do, let alone knit (or blog about knitting)! Your thesis, the boys (including Nick!), and all the rest. I think it’s great that you discovered such a cool way to merge your occupational and avocational interests. It’s so interesting to read your posts because you’re just so passionate about the history and the craft; I LOVE the pictures. Keep it up, wonder Woman! ~Barbara

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