Sometimes it’s fun!

Spent yesterday on my thesis, but instead of doing the theory and museum-related parts I worked on before, I took my advisor’s suggestion to go ahead and work on a project review for one chapter. I chose the Plimoth Jacket Project, an object near and dear to my heart, since I spent a few hours on it in 2008 and now know more than most people about how to make a striped butterfly body out of trellis stitch. If only that were a more marketable skill…!

I also got to look at some royal wedding press, since the Royal School of Needlework contributed to Kate’s dress, and work on my research on the Warner House bedspread (including an email with questions to the former curator and current house manager). So that was fun. I’m not making much headway knitting, but at least I get to read about doing things. It’s getting me through crunch time. If I come across anything really interesting, I’ll post about it. I’m becoming increasingly fascinated with these late 19th/early 20th knitted bedspreads, though. They look so cozy in wool. There’s an article in the most recent Knitting Traditions just after the Warner House piece about a knitted bedspread pattern someone bought in an antique notebook. She knitted up a sample and it was so pretty. It’d make a great baby blanket for someone with my level of patience…


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s fun!

    • My M.O. is to decide that this time (!) will be different, and obtain the yarn and start the thing under a full head of steam…and then realize a baby blanket is too ambitious. I don’t know why I never learn. I like the abstract idea of accomplishing Something so much.

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