You are not a thesis. You are a sock.

I finished my first Maeva sock at a training yesterday. Though the leg part seemed interminable, it was really pretty mindless and easy to read by the seed stitch columns, so I found it quite relaxing. I have to redo the cast-off because I forgot that for a toe-up, you need to do a very stretchy cast-off so the leg won’t bind.

So I cast on for the second sock, figuring that getting that much started would help me to keep going instead of being stalled by the cast-off problem and still being new at Judy’s Magic Cast-On and needing to look at the directions. I feel pretty confident about my ability to get the second one done before the cold weather comes.

I also finished the Sheldon blanket a few weeks ago. I still have to clean up the ends more on that one before I send it off. The next one will be better. Ends on Shine Sport are hideous, but Russian join holds well. Love the color combination. I hope the recipient likes it too!

I started and then raveled a swatch for the En Pointe in Aloft. It was kind of a pain to work with, and I started thinking about knitting miles of stockinette that I have to look at because the yarn is so fine and furry, and the swatch sat on my table for ten days, untouched. I don’t know if that’s going to work out, though I hate to waste the yarn. Possibly it’s a question of getting used to it. It’s a beautiful yarn, no question. Decided to swatch for Mythos instead.

As for the thesis: Warner House has contacted me and they are willing to help re: the bedspread project. So I’m preparing some questions about it and really looking forward to hearing how that went for them. It’ll make a great thesis chapter! Really close to the deadline now. I can tell by how I want to goof off and spend all my time on the Rav messageboards.


4 thoughts on “You are not a thesis. You are a sock.

    • Sorry it took me so long to get to this–I didn’t realize the comment needed to be approved, and then when I went to reply to it, I couldn’t see it. SMRT! Anyhow, thanks! I think they’re pretty too. So far, my nefarious plan to work on complicated socks to maintain my interest is working.

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