Project update Monday

I decided I needed to write some regular picture features, because much as I like the look of my own writing, even I find endless blocks of text boring after a while. Besides, I’m a lousy photographer, so whenever even one of my pictures turns out well, I like to show it off. And being accountable for my projects here and on Ravelry has spurred me to finish. This is important–I tend to be a serious non-finisher.

Don't you just want to curl up with this? I do.

The Sheldon Baby Blanket is coming right along, thanks to a peaceful Saturday with a napping baby and an absent four-year-old. I spent almost all day reading something trashy and working on this, and as a result, am 3.5 stripes and three borders from pay dirt. I know this has been billed as boring on Ravelry, but to tell the truth, with my thesis happening, I haven’t the excess capacity to work on something more interesting.

And speaking of interesting, we still have the Maeva socks. These feel like they’re taking forever, but they really aren’t. Not given my limited time and their small scale. I’m beginning to feel I could have gone down a needle size, but if they turn out a hair too large, they’ll make a nice Christmas gift for my mom. The cable pattern isn’t hard, and I’m really enjoying working on two circs. I don’t think I’ll want to go back to top-down DPNs. I never thought I’d say that.

My stash cataloguing continues apace. Today, I found four skeins of Shepherd Sport that I have no recollection of buying and no idea what I intended to make with them. It seems unlikely I’d have bought that much of such an expensive yarn without plans for it, but perhaps it was on special and I couldn’t pass it up. The dye lots match and everything, though. I’m almost down to the bottom. Wonder how long it would take me to knit through it all. I should really do something with some of these yarns. They’ve been around for years and years.


5 thoughts on “Project update Monday

    • I saw that too, and it’s so pretty! I think I would have said a garter-stitch blanket was incredibly boring for a long time, but that was before I was trying to knit around two kids and chronic exhaustion. I’m getting harder projects done, no doubt, but that blanket has been something great to just do with my hands. Those trashy novels aren’t going to read themselves…

      I like the one on KnittySpin this season, too. I have a yarn I think would be perfect for that.

      • I bought the yarn to make the purlbee blanket. Since I can’t have Sheldon (well, ok, I could probably get really close to it, but whatever), I want this half-a-log-cabin.

        The other one you linked is cute too. I loved seeing the various adaptations on rav.

        (This is dergugelhupf btw, I’m just logged into wordpress so it’s using that name to post.)

        • Oh, awesome! Did you get the Eco Cloud, or the alpaca, or something else?

          I made contact with the Warner House people! Can’t wait to hear more from them about that project.

          • I picked Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool. It’s made here in Michigan by a small, local mill, though their distribution is expanding.

            There’s an article about the mill owners in the latest issue of WildFibers magazine.

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