That groundhog lied to us.

We had a promising few days of warmth, what feels like eons ago. Now it’s back to pale gray light, snow squalls, raw cold, and now with even more dirt. My hyacinths are up, poor things. Sorry, guys; we thought it would be different, too.

The good news is that it’s not too warm to keep knitting on my Maeva socks, though they certainly won’t be done to wear until it’s cold again. They’re taking longer than I expected, but I’ve had less time and energy to knit lately. The baby has decided that not only does he hate when I make him sleep, but he also hates when I sleep. The upshot is that though people have complained that the Sheldon baby blanket is death by garter stitch, I am finding it an excellent project for the level of attention I have to spare for knitting right now. At least I’m still feeling optimistic enough that I’m planning to tackle a couple of sweaters this year. I’ve become so bored of my sweater wardrobe after such a long winter, and I feel colder in the transitional seasons than I did when I was younger. Lightweight cardigans are in order.

I will say this about Maeva, though: I am loving the toe-up socks. I never got to try on my socks ahead of time before, and they are so neat-looking when I put them on that I’m extra-inspired to finish them. I really like that Judy’s Magic Cast-On is so easy to memorize, too. And there’s not having to graft the toes, bonus.

Finishing a big embroidery project is on my list of 2011 goals, but I seem to need the sense of productivity from knitting more than I need the challenge of decorative work these days. I wonder what that’s about.


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