I’m at loose ends. I have Matt’s sock going still, but that’s my boring project, and I’m finding it…boring. Turned the heel yesterday, and stupidly decided to keep the ribs going down the top of the instep, but now it’s nothing but going around until I get to the toe. Then I have to do the other one. Oy. I need something else, but what? Ravelry is like trying to get a refreshing sip from a firehose. Do I want a sweater? A hat? Scarves? Mitts? Cuffs? Clothing for the boys? Clothing for the cat? Felted entrelac key fob? No problem! Have eleventy!

While I’m at it, I have a hat problem. Not on days like today, because it was gorgeous out and I reveled in not wearing a coat. But the other morning when it was hideously windy and about minus forty out and I was heading over to my office from teaching, and thinking, if only I had a hat that didn’t make me look really stupid. When I lived in Minnesota a few years back, it was like that pretty much all winter, and I gave up on not looking really stupid and bought this enormous black parka with a hood because the wind whipped off the buildings and froze even my hardy New England-raised scalp in half a second. But here, it’s rarely that cold and I tend to choose looking…shall we say…motivated, rather than stupid in a hat.

I’m choosing to believe it’s the hat, not me. Don’t start. Maybe some kind of hood would be better. I was eyeing this one.

Maybe I’ll go ahead with Sheldon. I was feeling too lazy to go get the yarn out of the attic, but maybe now I’m feeling too much like knitting to be lazy. I don’t know why I should. My life has been wall-to-wall things for months. Resting could do me good. I just can’t seem to let it happen.


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