Gloves are love!

I had that title in mind for ages, and what luck that I should then finish them on Valentine’s Day!

Finished at last--just in time for a 25-degree drop in temperature!

They fit very well, though the fingers are a touch long. I could have tinkered with the finger pattern to make them perfect, but if they’re going to tighten up on blocking, they’ll get shorter more than narrower. I’m okay with how they are. Too short would have annoyed me more. I used to have a pair of commercially-made gloves where the fingers were too short and they always rode up on my hand. Who knew such a thing could be so irritating!

Look at that meaty paw.

Before this, I had been reviewing how to weave in ends, which was an area where I was always weak, and I got a lot of practice on these! There is an end for each finger and the thumb, two in the cuff, one at the side of the hand where the first finger was knit, and one more that I don’t remember. I am a duplicate stitch rockstar now.

I’ve figured something out while making these. I need challenging patterns to keep my brain awake while I knit. I’ve started and abandoned so many things that were plain and serviceable, just because they were so boring. I see now it was because I was afraid to knit fancy things for fear that I wouldn’t finish them or be able to do them. I was scared of these from the minute I saw the pattern, and it was so silly of me. Look at them–they’re amazing! I’m going to tackle some awesome socks soon and see if that’s been the root of my second-sock syndrome all this time.


5 thoughts on “Gloves are love!

    • Ha! Everyone wants the hand-knit socks. Well, we’ll see how that works out. I have a ton of sock yarn saved up.

      By the way, I found another rich vein of free patterns for you: Ravelry. It’s both knit and crochet, and I don’t know how I ever got along without it. You join it like a social network, but you aren’t obligated to participate in the social aspects of it. My favorite thing about it is being able to use its huge database to see what other people did with the same kind of yarn you have lying around. I’ll tell you how to find me there if you decide to do it.

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