Had a moment of horror when I went looking for my cable pattern book and couldn’t find it. I wanted to make something I saw somewhere–it would be my first stab at designing, and though I have about zero faith that I can make it come out how I want it to, I’m putting the idea on file anyhow–and when noodling around Amazon, discovered that it is out of print and apparently scarce. Now it’s become rather imperative that I find my own, because if I buy a second copy, two things are sure to happen: a) I will find mine; and b) they will come out with an identical second edition that costs a quarter as much. Such an annoying occupational hazard with craft books, isn’t it? You never know what will turn out to be an enduring classic, and they’re all printed in such small quantities that you have to either snap it up when new and see what happens, or pass it up and kick yourself forever for missing a book that you can only get if your best knitting friend happened to buy it and dies suddenly without making provisions for that book in her will.

There is a new one, but people differ as to how good it is.

I bought mine three, possibly four, moves ago, and haven’t seen it in years. In my head, it was being kept in a box with a lot of other patterns. Yeah, that’s a help. I finally located it in the attic, in a box marked “Knitting.” Who knew I could be that logical.

The cable pattern I wanted? Not in it.


2 thoughts on “Eureka!

    • That much, anyhow. On the other hand, maybe instead of making the exact thing I saw, I want to make something different and better.

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