I’ve been wanting to knit, but I spend a lot of my time with the world’s cutest baby on my lap, and a lot of my energy is directed toward not accepting his help with my current projects. He thinks his brother’s socks would look better with more runs and less structural cohesion. Though he is very adorable and charming, I cannot agree. He has decided to eat his thumb in protest.

I’ll have to ask my mother how she knitted around four babies. No wonder she didn’t tackle sweaters. Or things with DPNs. So far, we haven’t had to make any trips to the emergency room, but that’s more related to luck than to my ability to think things through.

I have two things happening right now: a pair of plain ribbed socks for the four-year-old, in some of my most obnoxious self-striping yarn, and a pair of Becky Herrick’s Kingdom gloves in green Cascade Heritage that probably won’t do as much for the cable patterning as a light color would have, but will still show them off nicely (btw, that project is my current icon and header photo). She was right, by the way–these are not really hard. I think this is the first time I’ve worked cables in the round, but it definitely seems faster when you don’t have to work wrong sides, and gloves are a good place for intricate cables because even on tiny needles, you only have to work about 40 rows. I really love cables. You get a lot of impact without changing colors.

I was looking at some more fussy sock patterns on Knitty and thinking about how the photography always makes me want to go to there–when it’s very unlikely that “there” actually exists. Aren’t knitting bloggers aren’t going on about their messy homes and chaotic lives? I’m no different. The four-year old is strewing crumbs and toys everywhere, and the baby is a flailer and has kicked me in the chest a half-dozen times and given me a fat lip already today. I’m surrounded by laundry because it’s Friday, and can only look longingly at the pretty new snow outside and think of posing serenely in the landscape wearing a gorgeous sweater of my own design. If I ever manage to churn out anything, I’m going to have it shot with a backdrop of my messy life.


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